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Jan 10 2012

Oakland Rapper Beeda Weeda Borrows Too $hort's Persona, Picks His Five Favorite Songs

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Beeda Weeda.​ "I'm kinda like taking the Too $hort persona and putting my own stamp on it," says Oakland-based rapper Beeda Weeda about his upcoming project. Titled Bass Rock Babies, the album is co-signed by $hort Dog, who contributes guest raps and has allowed Beeda to recreate classic videos of his to promote the project. In the run up to that album's March release date, Beeda dropped the freebie Bass Rock Babies: The Leak mixtape last week. So in the interests of paying deference to the Bay Area's hip-hop pioneer, we asked Beeda to run through his five favorite Too $hort tracks. 5. "Girl (Cocaine)" (1985) With this song it's just that beat! It's something special about it; I redid this song for my own project, with the same exact beat. When I first heard this ... I was probably like two or three years old, but my cousins used to have tapes and I used to steal tapes and get ass-whoopings for stealing their tapes! Then later I'd take them to elementary school and my grandfather found out and I got an ass-whooping for it! 4. "Playboy Short" (1985) I just love that beat. I actually sampled that beat and it's going to be one of the first singles off the project called "It's All About Me." I actually have Too $hort on the hook for that. It's a long song, like nine minutes long! I actually made a song about 10 minutes long for my project, to be longer than it. 3. "I'm A Player" (1993) I like this song because that was my theme song! That's just how I feel, that's just how it is. Every cat that feels like he's a player, that's like their opening theme song. It's that first rhyme, those opening bars when he first comes on that makes it like the anthem. [Raps] "You see I made up my mind when I was 17/ I ain't with no marriage and a wedding ring/ I be a player fo' life, so where's my wife?/ Probably at the rehab stuck on the pipe/ 'Cause she must be smoking and I'm not joking/ Too $hort baby coming straight from Oakland!" 2. "Burn Rubber" (2004) That was to me a form of the new version of "Freaky Tales." It's basically like the sound I'm trying to create, so it's still the Bay, but it's updated while still keeping that classic authentic West Coast feel to it. Was I surprised that Lil Jon produced it? Actually, I was told the other day it was this Russian cat that produced that, I don't think it was Lil Jon. He did "Shake That Monkey." [Note: The credits to "Burn Rubber" list Lil Jon as the song's producer.] 1. "Freaky Tales" (1988)

That's like the sound as far as the production on that song. That's like the bass and the whole Bay Area sound. It's our sound. That song shaped our sound. At that time East Coast had they hip-hop scene and how they make beats and sound. Actually, I asked Too $hort what inspired that sound and he said he wanted to make beats that sounded like George Clinton and Parliament and he wanted to rap like that. So that song was the beginning of it all.

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01 Sep

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 9-1-15

Welcome to September. Wake me up when it ends. I’m so, so sorry for that callback. Your Tuesday edition of Pick Your Poison features some fun and interesting tracks from the likes of Clearance, Dirty Chocolate, Harrison Brome, Killa Karma, Wonky Tonk and more. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Alice Cohen, Animal Collective, Chad Valley, Dreamcrusher, Phil Cook (ft. Justin Vernon), Rick Ross, Tiesto & The Chainsmokers, plus a couple of dynamite remixes.

Clearance – Nonplussed

Dirty Chocolate – Hologram

Harrison Brome – Pools


24 About 1 month ago

Too $hort is currently sitting in jail after rejecting a deal offered by the judge on his DUI case, TMZ reports. After accepting a plea deal regarding a DUI in 2013, a judge ruled that he be on probation for three years and complete community service instead of serving jail time. When the Oakland native appeared in court today (July 17), he had no community service hours to show the judge. The judge was generous and offered him more to complete the community service but only if he agreed to be on probation for three more years. The “Shake That Monkey” rapper turned...

26 3 months ago

Skid Bid.

Life is too short and so is this bid. In a California court today, Too $hort rejected a plea deal that would give him three years probation. Instead, he chose to spend the next three months in the slammer.

The sentence stems from Short’s DUI in 2013. You know, the one where he ran from the cops. He was sentenced to three years probation and community service, however, he failed to perform the latter. According to TMZ, Short was tired of being monitored and chose to do his time.

23 3 months ago

This week Hip Hop Legend, Bay Area Icon and Warrior fan Too $hort joins the huddle and talks about how his iconic career started by selling tapes to drug dealers in East Oakland, why he continues to support Mark Jackson, who the MVP is and why he thinks Mitch Richmond was Michael Jordan’s equal.

We also talk about Steph Curry and why he is the NBA MVP. Listen to it all here on the Warriors Huddle:

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Rapper-singer Ty Dolla $ign is not the only one in his family with a voice. His sister AngelGold is flexing her vocal chops on her new single “Get On It” featuring Bay Area legend Too $hort.

Complex premiered the new track, which features, AngelGold shining like her bro and getting the party started with a catchy hook over a bass and snare heavy beat. “Talking all that s— like what you gonna do now?/ Take you on the floor what you gonna do now? / Get on it, on it, on it, yeah,” she sings on the hook.

While she...

80 7 months ago

Trillest Southern Hip Hop Website On The Internet!

65 7 months ago